I am regularly asked for my opinion on global business issues by the international business media. Here’s where you can find those articles and my own blog posts.

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Germany Caught Between The East And West

It is increasingly obvious that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed German society in a…

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What’s the Relationship Status of Germany and Russia? It’s Complicated

What is the relationship status of Germany and Russia? It’s complicated, and that is an…

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Fear of COVID-19 overshadowed people’s fear of cancer, delayed screenings

Looking back on the last three years of life during the global pandemic, each of…

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What it Means to Me to be an American

As we celebrate America’s birthday and reflect on what it means to be an American, I want to share my perspective as a naturalized American citizen who grew up in divided Germany dominated by a…

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Cash Bribe Paid Over Handshake The Impact of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act on Corporate Boards

“Tone at the top” now includes ensuring business dealings are ethical and bribe-free.  The impact of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) on corporations and their boards of directors has been enormous and wide-ranging, and…

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American Cancer Society Honors Outstanding Volunteers with the St. George National Award

Award recognizes 23 volunteers across the country for their distinguished service Atlanta, GA – July 20, 2017 – The American Cancer Society awarded 23 inspirational individuals from across the country the St. George National Award, one…

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Where Do You Wait at Baggage Claim?

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with a client about how difficult it is to assess genuine leadership talent and whether someone is a real “go getter” or not. We talked about…

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Global Governance Lessons from Wirecard, Europe’s Enron

For its sheer scope, daring, and size, Wirecard is being compared to Enron. What happens next seems both predictable and inevitable from a global governance perspective. By Andrea Bonime-Blanc and Michael Marquardt The original version of this…

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The International Diplomacy of Soap and a Beer

Despite being a global business consultant I have only shared this story with a few close friends before. My father was born in 1936 in a German town called Kassel, northeast of Frankfurt. The oldest…

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