About Michael Marquardt

I am a four-time CEO, board member, and strategic business advisor who works with businesses on overcoming a wide range of global challenges.

I am a business advisor who is welcomed in boardrooms worldwide. As a trusted strategist who quickly gains an understanding of business culture and helps drive change from within, I specialize in advising American companies looking to expand to Europe or Asia and companies that are interested in entering the U.S. market.

As a CEO of four companies over the past 25 years, my breadth of knowledge in global corporate governance, risk management, digital transformation, cybersecurity, anti-corruption, and balancing the interests of various corporate stakeholders is vast and up to date.

With now President Joe Biden at his first event in Washington D.C. after announcing his presidential campaign in April of 2019.

Whether acting as an international business advisor or a board member, this experience keeps me engaged in proactive counsel to all of my clients looking to negotiate the hyper-competitive global marketplace.

Clients look to me to identify, cultivate, and mentor senior talent and to provide difficult-to-find market research. And I have extensive strategic business experience with corporate turn-around situations, crisis management, succession planning, foreign due diligence, digital transformation, and start-up ecosystem.

In over two decades of experience, I have observed that companies large and small struggle to answer the same question: How can we thrive, or in some cases, how can we survive in markets that are constantly being disrupted?



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