Michael Marquardt

International Business Consultant | Board Member

I am an international business consultant, strategy advisor and keynote speaker with an extensive global network of corporate and government leaders. I bring people and corporations together to achieve something greater than they could have imagined on their own.

My breadth of knowledge in global corporate governance, risk management, digital transformation, cybersecurity, anticorruption, and balancing the interests of various corporate stakeholders is vast and up to date. Whether acting as an international business consultant or a board member, this experience keeps me engaged in proactive counsel to all of my clients looking to negotiate the hyper-competitive global marketplace.

In over two decades of experience, I have observed that companies large and small struggle to answer the same question: How can we thrive, or in some cases, how can we survive in markets that are constantly being disrupted?

My softer side and understanding of world business cultures, music, science and the arts (and did I mention wine?) make me an elegant asset in any room.

For advice on growing and expanding your business, you can read my Blog.

International Business Consultant & Board Member Michael Marquardt

My Values

I am an international business consultant and board member who specializes in providing competent, effective corporate guidance in these areas:

International Company Expansion in Asia, Europe or the United States

Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness

Corporate Cyber Security Strategy and Oversight

Strategic Business Development Consulting

Global Compliance Program Management

Risk Mitigation and Anti-Corruption

Major Digital Transformation Investments

Keynote Speaking

For more detail on these services, read more about the global business consultancy advice I provide.

Michael Marquardt is a successful international business consultant and business expansion expert who is comfortable challenging conventional wisdom.

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