I am a firm believer in the power of philanthropy. Through my own personal story of loss, I’ve found a way to channel my grief into something positive, tangible, and lasting.

Shortly after my 30th birthday I lost my first wife Linda after a 17 month battle with cancer. And just like that, my life as I knew it, was over. It is not an exaggeration that, to survive, I needed to find both a professional and a personal way to channel my grief and all of the emotions that I was dealing with.

I co-founded a company that provides independent second opinions from leading medical centers to cancer patients all over the world, and I joined the American Cancer Society as a volunteer.

I’ve been lucky enough to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors at the American Cancer Society, and it’s been an honor and a privilege to do so. During my tenure, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that philanthropy can have. I’ve been inspired by the dedication and resilience of the people I’ve met, and by the amazing progress that we’ve been able to make in the fight against cancer.

I have also served as Chair of the Delaware Theatre Company Board and am a huge advocate for the arts. As I look to the future, I am hopeful that more and more people will recognize the power of philanthropy. Together, we can make a difference.

For me, philanthropy means more than just giving money. It’s about giving your time and energy, your heart and soul. It’s about making a difference in the lives of others, and connecting with the communities that need us the most.

Michael Marquardt speaking
Michael Marquardt speaking



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