Business Consulting Services

I specialize in providing a range of international business consulting services and competent, effective corporate guidance in these areas:

International Expansion in Asia, Europe or the U.S.

I build cultural competency to ensure smooth, well-executed growth for companies expanding operations in Asia, Europe, or the United States.

Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness

I create organizational alignment among diverse boards of directors, optimizing the contributions of individual members and creating effective systems to implement change throughout organizations.

Corporate Cyber Security Strategy and Oversight

I develop realistic strategies to proactively protect against threats to cyber security and proprietary data, at a pace and scale that fits the business.

Development Business Consulting Services

I create alignment within companies planning to expand their capabilities, allocating resources effectively to create smooth and sustainable growth, either organically or through strategic acquisitions.

Global Compliance Program Management

I advise compliance officials on first-time setup of a global compliance program or independent measurement of the effectiveness of an existing program, providing measures of accountability for board audit committees.

Risk Mitigation and Anti-Corruption

I provide a structured and coherent approach to assessing and managing risk. By creating transparency and a clear path forward, my strategies reduce corruption and mitigate its effects.

Major Digital Transformation Investments

I help companies identify and bridge gaps in information technology to improve efficiency and integrate realistically with an increasingly digital business world.

International Business Speaking

I provide context for doing business internationally in a digital world, supported by a deep understanding of challenges that face corporate leaders around the world.

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Michael Marquardt is a successful entrepreneur and business expansion expert who is comfortable challenging conventional wisdom.