International Business Speaker

With 25 years of experience in global business, I am a frequent international business speaker who specializes in inspiring audiences of senior business leaders on how to be successful engaging in cross-cultural business relationships (including mergers and acquisitions or global expansion efforts).

I provide context for effectively doing business internationally in a digital world, supported by a deep understanding of challenges that face corporate leaders around the globe.

Recent engagements as an international business speaker include:

  • ‘Building an Ethical Corporate Culture’ in Dallas
  • ‘Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders’ in Washington D.C.
  • ‘Eye Witness to the Fall of the Berlin Wall’ in Hong Kong
  • ‘Geopolitical Disruptions: American Leadership and Strategy Amid Chaos’ in New York
  • ‘Constructive Failures’ in Houston
  • ‘The Promises and Perils of Global Business’ in San Diego
  • ‘The Global Director’ in Washington D.C.
  • ‘Board Oversight in the Era of Disruptive Market Forces’ in Houston
  • ‘Global Dexterity’ in Miami

If you have a conference or corporate event for which you are searching for an engaging international business speaker to talk about strategic global management, please contact me.

Michael Marquardt benefits the entire board on which he serves; his organizational talent, along with an insatiable desire to succeed, make him a results-first asset.