I am regularly asked for my opinion on global business issues by the international business media. Here’s where you can find those articles and my own blog posts.

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Germany Caught Between The East And West

It is increasingly obvious that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed German society in a…

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What’s the Relationship Status of Germany and Russia? It’s Complicated

What is the relationship status of Germany and Russia? It’s complicated, and that is an…

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Fear of COVID-19 overshadowed people’s fear of cancer, delayed screenings

Looking back on the last three years of life during the global pandemic, each of…

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Next Victim of the Coronavirus Could be One of the World’s Great Airlines

As a regular customer for almost 20 years, it pains me to write this but I am concerned that one of the next big victims of the novel coronavirus (#COVID-19) could be one of the…

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Global Leadership: How President Biden Would Perform on the World Stage

As I have traveled the world over the past three years since Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America, I have stared into the disbelieving and disillusioned…

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Effective Cybersecurity Habits. Get Ready For Threats To Escalate

Black hat hackers, spear-phishers, botnets, remote access trojans, evil maid attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofers, malware and worms. You thought effective cybersecurity was difficult, complicated and strange-sounding before. Well, get ready for the future. Aside from…

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5 Little Known Apps That Make Our Lives So Much Easier

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I sat down and reflected on all the little (and big) digital tools that I use each and every day that have made my life so much easier. As I started…

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How To Build Bridges Even When You Disagree 100%

Growing up in Germany, I remember my Dad subscribing to a weekly magazine that largely represented political views different from our own. When I asked him about this, he responded “I like to know how…

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Growing Up Surrounded By A Wall: Building Bridges Ever Since

As a very young boy growing up in West Berlin, Germany, I thought every city was surrounded by a concrete wall. As I grew older, I remember feeling angry learning about the abuse of power…

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