I am regularly asked for my opinion on global business issues by the international business media. Here’s where you can find those articles and my own blog posts.

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Germany Caught Between The East And West

It is increasingly obvious that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed German society in a…

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What’s the Relationship Status of Germany and Russia? It’s Complicated

What is the relationship status of Germany and Russia? It’s complicated, and that is an…

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Fear of COVID-19 overshadowed people’s fear of cancer, delayed screenings

Looking back on the last three years of life during the global pandemic, each of…

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To be, or not to be…Digital.

That is no longer the question. At least not for most corporations in most industries in most countries. The question has been answered, in the affirmative. I remember getting my first Casio wrist watch with…

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Why Would a Tire Manufacturer, in 1900, Decide to Publish a Hotel and Restaurant Guide?

There was a story in the news recently about SABMiller Plc, one of the world’s largest brewers, working with 6,000 pub owners in South Africa to – among other things – significantly improve the quality of…

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“Fall of the Berlin Wall” in Hong Kong?

What does a Berliner who lives in the United States do in Hong Kong? He talks about his experience almost 25 years ago when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down! 2014 is a year of…

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Do-It-For-Me Rather Than Do-It-Yourself … and a Number No One Will Call!

Ever looked for the 4th floor of a hotel in China? You will be looking for a long time… This week I had the opportunity to speak at the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)…

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Taking “Made in USA” into the Air!

I spent the past couple of days in Washington, D.C. in advance of German Chancellor Merkel’s visit to the United States. One of the fascinating conversations I had centered on the fact that many medium-sized…

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