I am regularly asked for my opinion on global business issues by the international business media. Here’s where you can find those articles and my own blog posts.

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Germany Caught Between The East And West

It is increasingly obvious that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed German society in a…

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What’s the Relationship Status of Germany and Russia? It’s Complicated

What is the relationship status of Germany and Russia? It’s complicated, and that is an…

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Fear of COVID-19 overshadowed people’s fear of cancer, delayed screenings

Looking back on the last three years of life during the global pandemic, each of…

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5 Terrible Assumptions That Can Sink Your Business When You Expand Overseas

If you are an executive at a successful company, then you have probably expanded into new locations within your country numerous times. Each new location required you to confront local red tape and consumer sentiment,…

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The Difference Between Good Corporate Governance and Bad

I immigrated to the United States from Germany almost 25 years ago, so I may be a little biased when I proclaim that United States democracy (despite all its pitfalls) truly does offer the world…

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Take a Peek inside the Office of a Non Executive Director

If you have always wanted to take a peek inside the office of a top non executive director, then Delta flight 676 to Tampa might be your ticket. Or United flight 415 to San Francisco….

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Berlin, 25 Years Ago: “Turn on the TV, Any Channel!”

Twenty-five years ago, I was 19 years old and living in what was then West Berlin. In my last year of German high school, I often worked as a security guard at night to earn…

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Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders

“Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders” is a favorite subject of mine. I very much enjoy speaking about what I believe corporations need to be mindful of when they expand their operations overseas or when they…

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Is There a Doctor in the … Middle of Nowhere?

For many years I have had a close-up view of an industry that most people know nothing about until a tragic incident occurs. Picture yourself on that vacation of a lifetime – an African Safari,…

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