I am regularly asked for my opinion on global business issues by the international business media. Here’s where you can find those articles and my own blog posts.

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Germany Caught Between The East And West

It is increasingly obvious that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed German society in a…

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What’s the Relationship Status of Germany and Russia? It’s Complicated

What is the relationship status of Germany and Russia? It’s complicated, and that is an…

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Fear of COVID-19 overshadowed people’s fear of cancer, delayed screenings

Looking back on the last three years of life during the global pandemic, each of…

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Do Not Make This Mistake When Doing Business Overseas

I remember the email well, although this was more than 15 years ago. Working as a global business advisor, it came from a potential business partner in mainland China and it started out promising. “Planning…

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To Zoom Or Not To Zoom…Is That the Question?

Over the past three months, during this COVID-19 pandemic, like you I have participated in countless virtual meetings: board meetings, staff meetings, team meetings, and political fundraisers. Sadly, even a memorial service. I have used…

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So…What Is It Like Getting On A Plane These Days?

I just went through my calendar for January. 14 flights. Pretty normal for that time of year, given that I regularly travel to attend board meetings or visit clients. Then February. 9 flights. The Coronavirus…

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Observations, Lessons and Potential Inspiration from this Crisis

As we all try to make sense of how this global health crisis has impacted our personal and business relationships, several observations stand out to me. Observations Countries where citizens have always been good at…

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Do You Have Good Business Sense?

Business acumen. Business sense. Business savvy. It is an instinctive trait and also a skill developed over time through seasoned judgement gained by learning from mistakes and capitalizing on successes. I was enjoying a walk…

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5 Big Differences Between Germans and Americans

This is my 29th year living and working in the United States after immigrating from Germany in 1991. While developing international business strategy over the years I have come across many differences between Germans and Americans. Some…

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