Recent years have changed the face of doing business globally radically and for good. As a truly global citizen, I understand the complexities of this.

When considering doing business internationally, companies have to understand that they will most probably be working in a very different cultural environment. Everything will be dissimilar, even in countries that they think they know well or are in similar geographic locations.

Business people in different countries negotiate in extremely varied ways, for example. These may be at best unfamiliar and at worst even contradictory. The way governments are involved at the local or country-wide level is inconsistent around the world.

On top of that, Governance is becoming a bigger and bigger topic on a global scale. Everyone seems to be paying more attention to the quality of governance and how boards operate.

And then there’s the issues of cybersecurity and regulation and data privacy. Companies must have international oversight. Business has to be at the forefront of these topics, and navigating this world on a global scale can be a daunting prospect.

In my keynote addresses I tackle these topics head on and use my 25 years’ experience to inform and inspire senior business leaders.



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