Global Governance Lessons from Wirecard, Europe’s Enron

For its sheer scope, daring, and size, Wirecard is being compared to Enron. What happens next seems both predictable and inevitable from a global governance perspective. By Andrea Bonime-Blanc and Michael Marquardt The original version of this…

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To Zoom Or Not To Zoom…Is That the Question?

Over the past three months, during this COVID-19 pandemic, like you I have participated in countless virtual meetings: board meetings, staff meetings, team meetings, and political fundraisers. Sadly, even a memorial service. I have used…

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Effective Cybersecurity Habits. Get Ready For Threats To Escalate

Black hat hackers, spear-phishers, botnets, remote access trojans, evil maid attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofers, malware and worms. You thought effective cybersecurity was difficult, complicated and strange-sounding before. Well, get ready for the future. Aside from…

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5 Little Known Apps That Make Our Lives So Much Easier

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I sat down and reflected on all the little (and big) digital tools that I use each and every day that have made my life so much easier. As I started…

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How Digital Technology Is Transforming Health Care – Finally

In 2013, American technology magnate Michael Dell said that “mobile will figure out health care … before health care figures out mobile.” Initially, he was right, but during the past year the healthcare industry has…

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To be, or not to be…Digital.

That is no longer the question. At least not for most corporations in most industries in most countries. The question has been answered, in the affirmative. I remember getting my first Casio wrist watch with…

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