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Where Do You Wait at Baggage Claim?

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with a client about how difficult it is to assess genuine leadership talent and whether someone is a real “go getter” or not. We talked about…

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To Zoom Or Not To Zoom…Is That the Question?

Over the past three months, during this COVID-19 pandemic, like you I have participated in countless virtual meetings: board meetings, staff meetings, team meetings, and political fundraisers. Sadly, even a memorial service. I have used…

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So…What Is It Like Getting On A Plane These Days?

I just went through my calendar for January. 14 flights. Pretty normal for that time of year, given that I regularly travel to attend board meetings or visit clients. Then February. 9 flights. The Coronavirus…

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5 Big Differences Between Germans and Americans

This is my 29th year living and working in the United States after immigrating from Germany in 1991. While developing international business strategy over the years I have come across many differences between Germans and Americans. Some…

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Next Victim of the Coronavirus Could be One of the World’s Great Airlines

As a regular customer for almost 20 years, it pains me to write this but I am concerned that one of the next big victims of the novel coronavirus (#COVID-19) could be one of the…

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5 Little Known Apps That Make Our Lives So Much Easier

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I sat down and reflected on all the little (and big) digital tools that I use each and every day that have made my life so much easier. As I started…

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Take a Peek inside the Office of a Non Executive Director

If you have always wanted to take a peek inside the office of a top non executive director, then Delta flight 676 to Tampa might be your ticket. Or United flight 415 to San Francisco….

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Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders

“Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders” is a favorite subject of mine. I very much enjoy speaking about what I believe corporations need to be mindful of when they expand their operations overseas or when they…

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Is There a Doctor in the … Middle of Nowhere?

For many years I have had a close-up view of an industry that most people know nothing about until a tragic incident occurs. Picture yourself on that vacation of a lifetime – an African Safari,…

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