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Do Not Make This Mistake When Doing Business Overseas

I remember the email well, although this was more than 15 years ago. Working as a global business advisor, it came from a potential business partner in mainland China and it started out promising. “Planning…

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5 Big Differences Between Germans and Americans

This is my 29th year living and working in the United States after immigrating from Germany in 1991. While developing international business strategy over the years I have come across many differences between Germans and Americans. Some…

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5 Terrible Assumptions That Can Sink Your Business When You Expand Overseas

If you are an executive at a successful company, then you have probably expanded into new locations within your country numerous times. Each new location required you to confront local red tape and consumer sentiment,…

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Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders

“Translating Corporate Culture Across Borders” is a favorite subject of mine. I very much enjoy speaking about what I believe corporations need to be mindful of when they expand their operations overseas or when they…

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To be, or not to be…Digital.

That is no longer the question. At least not for most corporations in most industries in most countries. The question has been answered, in the affirmative. I remember getting my first Casio wrist watch with…

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Why Would a Tire Manufacturer, in 1900, Decide to Publish a Hotel and Restaurant Guide?

There was a story in the news recently about SABMiller Plc, one of the world’s largest brewers, working with 6,000 pub owners in South Africa to – among other things – significantly improve the quality of…

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Taking “Made in USA” into the Air!

I spent the past couple of days in Washington, D.C. in advance of German Chancellor Merkel’s visit to the United States. One of the fascinating conversations I had centered on the fact that many medium-sized…

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